A.S. Watson Group has a long heritage in giving for 180 years, and we are committed to making a difference to the world through a wide range of corporate social responsibility efforts that are designed to benefit our staff, customers, shareholders and wider community, to bring more to the lives of everyone we touch.

A.S. Watson Project LOL philanthropy programme aims to bring “Lots Of Love” and “Lots Of Laugh” to people in Hong Kong and around the world, focusing on three main areas of service, namely health, education and caring community. Project LOL has been extended to the Group’s operating markets, connecting customers and communities with a strong international network and O+O (Offline plus Online) retail platforms. We strive to spread the laughs and bring positive changes to local communities and people there.

“In line with our commitment to put a smile on our customers’ faces, we will keep challenging ourselves to positively impact the people and the communities we serve.”

Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director, A.S. Watson Group

Not only do you look pretty when you smile, smiling also helps you relax and boosts your immune system! Smile big! Don’t be shy and share with us the joyful moments you had with your friends and families. Let’s check your joy index and accumulate more love and laugh!

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Our Three Areas of Service

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Caring Community

Activity Snapshot

Eat Better, Live Better

Planting Hope, Nurturing Nature

Empower Health, Empower You!

Inclusive Shopping Experience

Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Joining Forces for a Greener Future

City Food Drive 10th Anniversary