We Are…

A.S. Watson Group (ASW) has a long history dating back to 1841 when Hong Kong was just a fishing village. In a span of 180 years, we have grown from a small local dispensary to become the largest international health & beauty retailer in Asia and Europe.

Our history of corporate social responsibility began in the 1800s, when ASW provided free medicine to the needy in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. During the 1870-80s when quality health service was still a luxury, we started one of the first medical scholarships to further the development of public healthcare in Hong Kong. Dr Sun Yat–sen, the renowned politician and revolutionist in China, was one of our scholarship beneficiaries when he came to Hong Kong to study medicine.

We Wish…

Happiness starts with a simple smile. ASW believes that smiling is a universal language and one of the most powerful ways of influencing others and spreading happiness. Through different CSR activities, Project LOL hopes to share more warmth and laughter by lifting up the lives and spirit of everyone in the community.

ASW has been putting great resources on various CSR programmes across three areas of service – Health, Education and Caring Community. We launched the Project LOL Philanthropy Programme with the mission of spreading “Lots of Love, Lots of Laugh” to the people around the world. Project LOL has been extended to the Group’s operating markets, connecting customers and communities with a strong international network and O+O (Offline plus Online) retail platforms. We strive to spread the laughs and bring positive changes to local communities and people there.


Leveraging on our network as an international health and beauty retailer, we mobilise our professional team of pharmacists, dietitians and Chinese medicine practitioners to offer free health seminars, health checks and consultations to the needy.


We believe in youth education and sports development as a means to inspire the future generation to embrace a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude. We also support environmentally-sustainable practices and continually promote environmental awareness amongst our employees and customers.

Caring Community

We are very passionate about serving the community. We encourage our business units to develop programmes with organisations that are relevant to local community needs, and we support our employees’ efforts in getting involved through volunteering and other contributions.

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"In line with our commitment to always exceed customer expectations, we will keep challenging ourselves to positively impact the people and the communities we serve."

− Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director, A.S. Watson Group

"Thank to ASW Hong Kong Student Sports Awards (HKSSA) that strengthened my determination to be a full-time athlete and encouraged me to move on the bright road to the great world of sports ahead."

− Shek Wai-hung, 2006-2008 HKSSA awardee & Gold medalist, Men's Vault, Incheon Asian Games 2014