We aim to design and organise extra-curricular activities for kids from low income families in Wong Tai Sin district. An Orientation Day was held in May around the Mother’s Day , our volunteers guided the children to make some DIY handmade gifts for their moms. In June, the children were given a tour in supermarket and a lecture on some basic knowledge in nutrition and food labeling by Watsons dietitian. In July, volunteers led the children to visit some singleton elderlies living in Sha Tau Kok. The kids were given an opportunity to learn more on the culture and traditional food from Walled Villages like “Dragon Boat Dance”, singing folk songs and eating steamed bun.

NGO / Partnering organisation

Hans Andersen Club


Aged 9-12 children


AS Watson Group


2014/05/03, 2014/06/21 & 2014/07/05


Wong Tai Sin, Fanling & Sha Tau Kok

No. of beneficiary