AS Watson Group is again awarded as an Inclusive Organisation in the Talent-Wise Employment Charter 2014-2015, jointly organised by the Labour and Welfare Bureau of HKSAR and the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee. The Scheme aims to encourage employers of all trades and sectors to provide more employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, thereby unleashing their potential, enabling their self-reliance, fostering social integration and building a caring and supportive society for all. With the belief that disabled persons can contribute to the society with their own talents and working abilities, the Group is committed to providing them with more job opportunities. We offered a number of job openings in stores, warehouse logistics and clerical functions for the disabled at our Hong Kong retail brands last year, including PARKnSHOP, FORTRESS and Watsons. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, we also worked closely with more than 15 non-governmental organisations to refer jobs to those disadvantaged with employment needs. “


Persons with disabilities


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2014 – 2015